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Coastal Protection model & Profile Generator Errors

cdoughtycdoughty Member
edited November 2014 in Marine Models
I'm having several issues with the profile generator and I think it involves either the pre-processing of my data or the ability of the model to manipulate the attribute tables of my input data.

I'm getting the following error:
"Preparing inputs for Wave Watch III and/or fetch calculations...

Error preparing Wave Watch III inputs or calculating fetch.
Executing: AddField LC2010_land ERASE SHORT 0 0 # # NON_NULLABLE NON_REQUIRED #
Start Time: Thu Nov 06 17:05:30 2014
Adding ERASE to LC2010_land...
ERROR 999999: Error executing function.
The field is not nullable.
Failed to execute (AddField).
Failed at Thu Nov 06 17:05:31 2014 (Elapsed Time: 1.00 seconds)
Completed script ProfileGenerator22...
Failed to execute (ProfileGenerator22).
Failed at Thu Nov 06 17:05:31 2014 (Elapsed Time: 33.00 seconds)"

I'm getting the same type of error (except for my land point) when I select to not use the Wave Watch data. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with my input data that is messing with this. Looking at the Bark Sound example, I'm seeing that the land polygon data has a field in the attributes named "ERASE" and for the land point something is going on with the "LAT" field.

Please help. Would love to get these models running smoothly ASAP!


  • Hi, I'm new at this and also trying to get the coastal protection model profile generator to run. The model succeeds in processing the Wave Watch III data and then throws the following error:

    Creating profile points from transect...
    ...locating each habitat's presence along the profile

    Error creating profile.
    Executing: AddField Z:\...\ModelInputs\_ProfileGenerator_Outputs\ProfGenN1\maps\Profile_Pts.shp SM_BATHY_Y DOUBLE # # # # NON_NULLABLE NON_REQUIRED #
    Start Time: Fri Nov 07 16:27:45 2014
    Adding SM_BATHY_Y to Z:\...\ModelInputs\_ProfileGenerator_Outputs\ProfGenN1\maps\Profile_Pts.shp...
    Succeeded at Fri Nov 07 16:27:46 2014 (Elapsed Time: 0.29 seconds)
    Completed script ProfileGenerator22...
    Failed to execute (ProfileGenerator22).
    Failed at Fri Nov 07 16:27:48 2014 (Elapsed Time: 5 minutes 1 seconds)

    I've gone over my model inputs with a fine toothed comb and can't locate anything out of place. I also tried running the model with the sample data from Belize and it worked fine. Ideas, anyone?
  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi, sorry for the lack of response thus far, I'll ping some of our developers and scientists familiar with this model and have them get back to you!

    Thanks for your patience.
  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hey Sorry you 2, Doug and I have relayed your bugs to the scientists that support the Coastal Protection model, but they are so busy at the moment it is not clear when they'll be able to respond. I'm terribly sorry about the delay, I don't think there's anything else we can do on our end for the moment.
  • Hello all,

    It is impossible for me to troubleshoot this issue unless I see their inputs and intermediate outputs. Potential issues could be:
    - You are running ArcGIS v9.3 which sometimes barfs on the habitat profile extraction
    - You didn't properly link their habitat ID (e.g., mangrove_1.shp) with the Excel habitat input.

    The habitat extraction functionality can be problematic in ArcGIS. You could omit this input when running the ProfileGenerator. Instead, you can manually determine where habitat(s) fall along the profile in GIS and then provide this information in the Excel input before you run the Nearshore Waves and Erosion (step 2) model.​

    I also have a more stable version of this model on my machine for Arc 10.2 that I can share, but it requires you to know python.

    Let me know if that's helpful and if you have any other questions.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Hello everyone,
    Thanks for all the support. After a lot of troubleshooting and modifying my inputs, I resolved the error described above.

    Katiem, these were some of my silly mistakes that may help you: make sure the datum and geogrpahic coordinate system are WGS_1984 and the projected coordinate system is WGS_1984_UTM_(your zone) (Copying the Bark Sound example here) for all inputs, everything has to be shapefiles - no geodatabase files, the length of the profile needs to be "such that a sufficiently deep point is reached". Again, some silly mistakes, but hopefully they give you some insights.

  • Hi Greg,
    I am Cheryl Doughty, a graduate student of Samatha Chapman - she recently got in touch with you through Gregg Verutes in hopes of getting help with these models. In case you are still able to help, I'll describe some of my newest issues here. Thank you in advance!

    After resolving the issues from my previous post, the model is running to completion but now I am getting the warning: "you have mangrove in subtidal areas. Please double check your habitat input layer." Could this be attributed to the coarse resolution of the DEM compared to my habitat layers, so these may not be matching up properly? Our site is microtidal but could the MSL and MHW data in the Erosion Protection Table also feed into this? I'm not sure how to modify my inputs to fix this error. Would you still suggest omitting the habitats in the profile generator and adding them manually later?

    I am running the models on ArcGIS 10.1. The parameters of the profile generator are attached. I'm not sure what outputs I should include to be helpful. Our scenario in a nutshell: we are trying to compare the coastal protection capabilities of salt marsh and mangroves in a sheltered coastal lagoon in Florida.

    Thank you again, I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hi Cheryl,

    You're receiving a warning to let you know that there are mangroves in regions that are below MLLW. It might be the reality at your site, or it might be due a slight misalignment between your DEM and habitat shapefile.

    In any case it's a warning, not an error. It's up to you to x2 check whether it's true or not and take the appropriate measure.

    Does that answer your question?
  • Thanks Greg, it does but I am still having some problems.

    I went through my layers and found a few places where the mangroves polygons interesected raster cells below MLLW due to differences in spatial resolution. I trimmed these sections from the mangrove layer, but I am still getting the same warning. Is it not necessary to fix this warning before continuing?

    Even if I ignore this and proceed to the Nearshore Waves and Erosion model, the model is not running to completion. Could this be because of the "mangrove in subtidal areas" warning or is it a separate issue?
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