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Coastal Protection Nearshore Wave and Erosion module

emilianaemiliana Member
edited October 2014 in Marine Models
since we could not run the Profile Generator module with the sample Vancouver datasets
you provided, we decided to feed the Nearshore Wave and Erosion module with a cross-shore
profile we generated with the ArcMap10 function 3DAnalyst (Interpolate line). The profile
obtained from your claybark_dem is a txt file with the following format:

[X coord] [Z coord]
0 6.563
19.995 0.574
39.991 -1
59.986 -1

Then we used this txt profile in the Nearshore Wave and Erosion module with the
ErosionProtection_WCVI_BarkSound.xls you provided, and for the other required numeric
text string data we used the number suggested in the InVEST_3.0.1_Documentation.pdf (i.e.
Wave Height value = ?5?, Wave Period value = ?10?, etc. etc.).

Running the module we obtained the following message:

Executing: NearshoreWavesErosion22 O:\Alessandra\invest prova
C:\Programmi\InVEST_3_0_1_x86\CoastalProtection\Input\ErosionProtection_WCVI_BarkSound.xls C:\Programmi\InVEST_3_0_1_x86\CoastalProtection\Coastal_protection_ex3\test.txt "(1) Yes, I have these values" 5 10 # # 0 5 3 1 true 250 12 25 0,05
Start Time: Thu Oct 30 11:41:13 2014
Running script NearshoreWavesErosion22...

Checking and preparing inputs...
Completed script NearshoreWavesErosion22...
Succeeded at Thu Oct 30 11:41:18 2014 (Elapsed Time: 5,00 seconds)

It seems the module ran properly (?Succeeded at??) but if we check the folder
O:\Alessandra\invest there is no folder named "OutputWaveModel_prova".
Do you have any advice to solve the problem?
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