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Recreation initialization

tenerpatenerpa Member
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Hi NatCap members,
I'm testing the recreation initialization tool and I dowloaded the pictures/user/day grid. I compared the results with the picture locations that I got using a web API query and I observed that with the INVEST tool I get more picture locations than with the direct web API for the same location and time period. I cannot understand why I get a different set of pictures. Does the INVEST tool have access to both public and private pictures?


  • Hello Patrizia,

    What are the exact parameters you used for your search?

    No, InVEST does not have access to private pictures. We do however use an archive of the photo metadata created on 3/30/2013, so any public photos deleted since then might account for the discrepancy.

    Thank you,
  • Hello Martin,
    Thanks a lot for your answer. I used a Bounding Box of 255 km2 area as the only searching criteria. There is a considerably high difference in the number of picture location as you can see in the attached sample (I used a 250m grid to extract the invest photo-user-day: pink points). I would be surprised if this would be due to the deleted photos, but it is a possible explanation, please let me know if you can give us any other advice.
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  • Hi Patrizia,

    Indeed, it appears that you have a subset of data, but we don't have much advice besides to double-check the flickr API documentation ( Perhaps confirm that you're including every page in your results.

    Best of luck,

  • ok, thanks for your reply.
  • SergioSergio Member
    Good afternoon, I have a concern about the recreation algorithm, first it is possible to change the base (API) of flickr photos ?, second is it possible to use a shp or a list where you have the photos of the places you visit?

    I would like some help on this topic because the tool is great
  • DaveDave Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Sergio,

    First, no it is not possible to change the database of flickr photos that are behind the model. We update it periodically, and we may add different datasets in the future, but right now as a user, you don't have much control, sorry.

    I'm not sure I understand your second question, can you describe it further?

    Thanks for your feedback!
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