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Course Progress Accuracy?

gfabbrigfabbri Member
edited October 2014 in MOOC

I just finished Module 1, and all 4 of my "check" results all appear in the "problem scores" section, yet the bar graph only shows that I have completed 3 of 4 checks, which is a little confusing.

Is this a glitch in the MOOC software, or am I doing something wrong here?




  • I have a similar problem as well. Mine shows two of three bars. It baffles me
  • At least it's not just me!
  • HenryBHenryB Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hello! I'll look into this and get back to both of you soon.
  • Hi - My progress bars are still off, showing that I completed only half of Optional Assessment 1, or 98% of the course, when the details (if you scroll down) show I completed all questions for all assessments.

    I don;t know if it makes a difference, but is there any way to fix this?


  • I too have the same problem.....
  • HenryBHenryB Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Can you both email me your Stanford Online user names? That way I can have the production team look directly at your accounts to see what is happening. Send them to

  • HenryBHenryB Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hello Both of You,

    This has to do with the way the Optional Assessments are scored -- I believe I have it sorted out for future users, but it's harder to clear up for your cases. Having a 98% in the course is still sufficient to receive the 2nd Statement of Accomplishment, so this should not affect that. 

    If you have other questions about this, I'll be happy to follow up by email as well.


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