Error creating habitat layer

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i am trying to model habitat for biodiversity model in the invest 2.1.3 version. I have followed all instructions on the manual and have all my data similiar to the default, but every time i try to run the model the same error comes Error creating habitat layer. It is right in the begining. Anyone has any clue what the problem could be? Thank you very much. Gisele


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Gisele -

    Are you using the ArcGIS or standalone version of Biodiversity? If ArcGIS, we are no longer supporting those versions, and if you're trying to run it on Arc 10.x then it won't work, as we haven't added support for recent versions of Arc since moving to the standalone models.

    Do you have a particular need to use the old version of InVEST? If not, I highly recommend downloading the latest version and running the standalone Biodiversity model. If you still have errors with the latest model, please post them here and we'll help. Thanks!

    ~ Stacie
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