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Multi-band raster

MarieMarie Member
edited July 2014 in Terrestrial Models
I am running the Sediment Retention model, and everything is working except for the erosivity raster. When I use a single-value dummy raster, the model works perfectly, but when I use the real file it yields all negative values. The only notable differences I can find with this raster I'm trying to use and erodibility rasters that I have used in the past, is that this one is a 32-bit, level 1 pyramid building, and has no attribute table, while past rasters have been 8-bit unsigned, level 4 pyramid building, with attribute tables. According to the 'build raster attribute table' tool, my layer is also a multi-band (versus single-band raster). Could the number of bands be the problem? I have been unable to figure out how to convert it into a single-band raster.


  • Hi Marie,

    It seems like the multiple bands might be causing the error.

    For ArcGIS, could you try to add each band into your GIS and see which one has the data that you want? Afterwards, you should be able to export that band by itself as a new raster (right click on the band and select Data->Export). There is also a Composite Bands tool under Data Management->Raster->Raster Processing that should do the same thing.

    For QGIS, I believe you can split the bands out by using the Orfeo Toolbox->Image Manipulation->Split Images tool.

    Please let me know if this solves the issue.


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