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can't find the invest toolbox file to add invest into arcgis?

jialorijialori Member
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after installing Invest and opening ArcGIS, I can't find InVEST{VERSION}.tbx and hence can't add this into ArcGIS (version 10.2). any suggestion as to why and how to fix it?
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  • kglowinskikglowinski Member, Moderator
    Which version of InVEST are you trying to run? And what tool are you looking for?

    If you just downloaded InVEST 3.0, almost all of our models are now standalones, and can be executed through the windows start menu. If you're looking for coastal protection, you can still add that as a toolbox to ArcGIS, by adding the coastal_protection_t1.tbx from the main InVEST install folder.
  • In my case also, I cannot find InVEST tool from add tool bar menu. I tried opening the model, but could not. Please help. I am trying to run sediment retention model.
  • kglowinskikglowinski Member, Moderator
    The sediment model won't be found in the ArcGIS toolbox. Instead, you can launch it from windows by locating the InVEST folder in the windows start menu, and clicking on Sediment there.
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