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Activity Preference Areas not being preferred

nestradanestrada Member
edited April 2014 in RIOS
Hi All, I am using RIOS portfolio (v1.0.0v8) and I want to exclude some areas from my analysis. I created a shp for each activity with the two required columns "activity_n" and "action". "activity_n" is filled for each shp with the corresponding name of the activity, matching the name from the LULC classification file and "action" is filled as "prevent". Still, RIOS is allocating activities inside my protected areas. Does someone have the same error? How can I fix it? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!!


  • I found the error. Activities names should not have uppercase letters (i.e. IdealFarm). RIOS transform them to lowercase (i.e. idealfarm) and that is why RIOS wasn't reading the activity preference areas shp. :)
  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Great! Thanks for posting and saving a future user some time!
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