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Habitat Quality Sample Data Error

VS1188VS1188 Member
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Im trying to run the Habitat Quality Biodiversity model using the sample data to see how it works. Currently I have added the toolbox and all the sample data to ArcMap 10. I tried to run the model and kept getting this error message. I shouldn't have to manipulate any of the sample data should I? I am using InVEST 2.5.6

\v_s41\Desktop\New Folder\InVEST_2_5_6_x86\Biodiversity" "C:\Users\v_s41\Desktop\New Folder\InVEST_2_5_6_x86\Biodiversity\Input\lc_samp_cur_b" "C:\Users\v_s41\Desktop\New Folder\InVEST_2_5_6_x86\Biodiversity\Input\lc_samp_fut_b" "C:\Users\v_s41\Desktop\New Folder\InVEST_2_5_6_x86\Biodiversity\Input\lc_samp_bse_b" "C:\Users\v_s41\Desktop\New Folder\InVEST_2_5_6_x86\Biodiversity\Input\threats_samp.dbf" "C:\Users\v_s41\Desktop\New Folder\InVEST_2_5_6_x86\Biodiversity\Input\access_samp.shp" "C:\Users\v_s41\Desktop\New Folder\InVEST_2_5_6_x86\Biodiversity\Input\sensitivity_samp.dbf" 30 1000 #
Start Time: Tue Mar 04 15:49:37 2014
Running script Biodiversity2...
Processing Current landcover
Error reading raster properties
Completed script Biodiversity2...
Failed to execute (Biodiversity2).
Failed at Tue Mar 04 15:49:37 2014 (Elapsed Time: 0.00 seconds)

I would greatly appreciate your help!
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  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hello, we no longer recommend using the ArcGIS version of the Habitat Quality model in lieu of the new InVEST standalone; it runs faster and is more stable than the ArcGIS version. In fact, in InVEST 2.6.0 we removed the ArcGIS version completely. Could you try that instead? You can find InVEST standalone models under the Windows Start menu.
  • Are there any in depth directions on how to use the stand alone model. I'm going to try and run it but don't understand how to get the output and view it on ArcGIS
  • kglowinskikglowinski Member, Moderator
    You can find documentation for using any of our models in the documentation folder of the installation, or online at the InVEST download page. That should include directions on how to use the standalone model, as well as how to interpret the results.

    Habitat Quality Documentation
  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi, the User's Guide for the latest Habitat Quality Model can be found here:

    Habitat Quality : Biodiversity

    The Model will create an output folder in the workspace you provided, similar to the ARC version. Using ARC you can open the results from that output folder in the workspace you assigned.

    Looks like kglowinski beat me to it! Hope our posts help!
  • Awesome thank you very much! I was able to use the stand alone version without any problems.
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