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Crop Pollination error: "Row: Field OID does not exist"

sjcsjc Member
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Good afternoon -
I am working with the Crop Pollination model, but unfortunately I am running into an error. I'm able to get to the point of the "Creating nesting maps..." message, but then I am given the error "Row: Field OID does not exist", and the model fails to execute. After this happens, the intermediate folder contains nesting maps for both pollinator guilds that I am modeling, but that is it. I've downloaded and tried using both InVEST 2.5.3 and 2.5.4, within ArcGIS 10 (SP1), but receive the same message. I know that the standalone version (3.0) of the model is preferred, but I'd like to continue using it within ArcGIS so I can make use of a model that I've built that incorporates this as just one step. I'm imaging this error has something to do with the Excel file (97-2003 version) that contains my LULC suitability values and guild life history information, but I'm not sure what the issue is. Any help is appreciated...many thanks in advance!


  • Try saving your attribute table as a dbf rather than an Excel file and make sure that your LULC field is a Long or Short in (not a double, which is the default when you export .xls to .dbf). Hope this helps!
  • sjcsjc Member
    Converting it to a .dbf rather than an Excel seemed to do the trick. The double vs long/short didn't seem to matter as it ran with both types. Thank you for your help!
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