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Using Carbon model in ArcGIS Model Builder

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Has anyone used the InVEST Carbon model in ArcGIS Model Builder?

I'm calculating the carbon impact of 207 individual wind turbines, so model builder with an iterator is exactly what I need. I'm having three problems integrating the InVEST carbon tool into Model Builder:

1. The tool won't write results to a File Geodatabase (even when running outside of model builder - log is pasted below)

2. Because the tool doesn't allow you to specify an output filename, I end up with 207 identically named files with no way to differentiate which is associated with each turbine. I would usually use %iterator% in the filename to remedy this.

3. I can't feed the results into a zonal statistics table tool because the output file name and location is not part of the user-specified tool inputs. Screen shot attached.

log message for problem 1:

Executing: Carbon2 \\psf\Home\Desktop\Data\Carbon_iterator.gdb NLCD_1_step_1 2006 30 Carbon_pools # # 2030 # false 43 0 7 #

Start Time: Mon Feb 24 17:35:35 2014
Running script Carbon2...
Calculating current storage...

Executing: ReclassByASCIIFile NLCD_1_step_1 \\psf\Home\Desktop\Data\Carbon_iterator.gdb\scratch\reclassfile.asc \\psf\Home\Desktop\Data\Carbon_iterator.gdb\intermediate\C_above_cur1 DATA

Start Time: Mon Feb 24 17:35:41 2014

Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid.

ERROR 000885: Input ASCII remap file: \\psf\Home\Desktop\Data\Carbon_iterator.gdb\scratch\reclassfile.asc's does not have a file extension.

Failed to execute (ReclassByASCIIFile).
Failed at Mon Feb 24 17:35:42 2014 (Elapsed Time: 1.00 seconds)
Error reclassing C_above
Completed script Carbon2...
Failed to execute (Carbon2).
Failed at Mon Feb 24 17:35:42 2014 (Elapsed Time: 7.00 seconds)


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    I apologize for the delay in response and hope I can answer your questions.

    1) Since the model is creating several folders and intermediate outputs, it is not technically set up the way you would hope for a file geodatabase. There is probably not any benefit in storing the carbon rasters in one unless you plan on managing the output files in a mosaic or catalog later. But if that is the case, it makes more sense to just add the output files of interest into one afterwards since there as many intermediate files that get created and stored while running the model. Please let me know your thoughts on this approach.

    2) The carbon model does have a "Results Suffix" input parameter (last parameter in the model) which you can use to add the %iterator% to the end of each output file name. There usually is a two digit limit but I believe you should be alright using three digits in this model. This will allow you to distinguish between outputs accordingly.

    3) I would manually create the output file name of interest plus %iterator% as the input parameter to the zonal statistics (i.e. C:/Carbon/Output/tot_c_cur%iterator%). This should iterate through all the outputs and produce your zonal statistics table. It may have to be a separate model though since you ca not link the output to the zonal statistics tool directly. However, you may be able to trick ModelBuilder into seeing the manually defined parameter by first creating a dummy output raster (i.e. C:/Carbon/Output/tot_c_cur0) and running all processes as one model.

    Having said all that, please keep in mind that the ArcGIS version of the carbon model is deprecated and we suggest using the 3.0 standalone version, which is computationally faster and includes options for REDD scenarios and uncertainty. There is the ability to batch process the 3.0 tool using Python scripting and I would be more than happy to assist you if you need help.

    Please let me know if this makes sense or if you have any additional questions.


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