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Help!: Habitat Quality model: set value of k, difficulties


I have runned the Habitat Quality model with a value of k=0.5. 
Since my study area is very very large, I divided it for the running. Every time I used buffers somewhat larger than the maximum distance.
In the next step I want to clip all results, without the buffers and merge them to make a map of the results for my study area.
I have checked maximum values for the degradation. Is it normal my maximum value is as high as 5.4*E22? I also have very negative values (to -2*e22)... Looking in QGIS at the maps, these values are located outside of the area+max distance (because I took inputs with larger buffer distances). 
I have very limited time, so clipping everything again before running would be a lot of work. 
Is it oke to just look at the degradation values for areas+max. distance for these results and take the maximum of this, divided by 2 for the value of k for the real runs?

Looking forward to an answer!

Kind regards


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