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Carbon Model - KeyError: 'lulc_cur_year'


I am trying to run the carbon model but it returns an error: KeyError encountered 'lulc_cur_year' and I am not able to find where is my mistake.

Thanks for the help!


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    edited March 29
    Hi @Blanca -

    Thanks for posting your logfile. This might be happening because you seem to have checked the box next to Calculate Sequestration and Run Valuation Model, but have only provided a Current Landcover. To calculate sequestration and valuation, you must provide a Future Landcover too, and provide Calendar Years for both. Try this and see if helps, or simply uncheck Calculate Sequestration and Run Valuation if you don't actually want to run these portions of the model, or don't have a future land cover map.

    ~ Stacie

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  • BlancaBlanca Member
    Hi Stacie,

    I have managed to run the model. 

    Thanks for the help.
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