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Results analysis - SDR

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Good night!

By running my SDR model, the results demonstrated a reduction in the amount of sediment produced and exposed. But there was an increase in the amount of sediment retained, I found no justification for it, would you know to explain? Because in my view the amount of sediment reduce should reduce not increase, right?

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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi @MARIANER -

    Sorry for the delay in responding. It's really hard to say how sediment export or retention should be changing unless we understand what your scenarios are. Please provide more details - thanks!

    One thing to note is that sediment retention is only calculated as the difference between the input LULC map and that same map where everything has been changed to bare ground. See this section of the User Guide for more information - maybe reading this section, and comparing with your biophysical table might make things more clear.

    ~ Stacie

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