Print/Download Sediment Retention User's Guide?

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Hello All,

Quick/"Dumb" question -- how do I print and/or download a pdf of the Sediment Retention User's Guide?

Here is the link to what I am trying to print:

I'd like to take notes and have a paper copy to work with...

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  • Alrighty, I think the answer is that the documentation is a living document that is updated at the link above nightly so the most recent pdf version will be included in the software download... also, I kept on getting some gobblety-gook when posting this "dumb" question earlier and I can't figure out how to delete the unintentional duplicates.

    Admins, feel free to delete the duplicates!

  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Sam,

    In the table of contents on the Left there should also be a PDF Version Of The Users's Guide link. You should be able to get the PDF from there. Currently we are making major updates and edits, and will hopefully have a more robust complete version up soon!

  • SPardoSPardo Member
    Indeed. However, you need to be on the "Main Page" to see the pdf link at the bottom. If you link directly to one of the model chapter there is no link.
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