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Carbon Sequestration and Calculating Future Values


I am using the CS model to calculate current and future amounts of carbon stored in timbered lands in Alaska.  My first run was for the year of 2018, and also wanted to estimate carbon values in 2050, but the values of carbon in the model outputs do not change from 2018 to 2050.

I am using the same data (excel) and I haven't changed the inputs because it was my understanding that the model had the capability of doing this type of analysis?

Thank you for your time! I look forward to hearing back.


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi @prmorris89 -

    The InVEST carbon model is extremely simple. All it does is map the 4 carbon pools that you provide to a land use/land cover map. The only way that carbon is sequestered is if land cover changes over time, and the corresponding carbon pools are different. It does not model tree aging, succession, any dynamics of vegetation or climate whatsoever. So if you need that more detailed type of information, you'll need to use a more complex carbon model. 

    The only way that you can include it in the InVEST model is to create LULC maps that capture aging/succession/climate/whatever. For example, it could have different classes for different age trees, so some patch of forest would be assigned a "young" class in 2018 and a "32 years older" class in 2050, with different carbon pool values. Then you would see carbon change because the class and corresponding carbon pools changed.

    ~ Stacie
  • Hey Stacie,

    Thank you for the quick response, that makes sense!

    I will incorporate that in my analysis.
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