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is it possible to have a "subscribe" link prominently displayed next to each forum / discussion?

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I know we can find a subscribe option under user settings, but that's not easy to find and most people might miss it. Whereas if it was next to each forum or discussion link (and/ or also on the top of the discussion page), more people might subscribe to threads of interest.


  • kglowinskikglowinski Member, Moderator
    You can (sort of) already do this. The bookmark links- the stars next to every discussion- can be used as notifications. If you go to "My Preferences," and check "Notify me when people comment on my bookmarked discussions." under "Email", you can just click the star every time there is a discussion you want to be emailed about.

    That said, there is currently no way to do this for entire categories. Users will have to go in an change the options under user settings. On the other hand, if you're in to RSS feeds, the Categories View (if you right click "Categories" on the right-side bar) does allow you to subscribe via RSS feed.
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