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Carbon storage model- Values result of carbon stock for LULC


I am new user of the carbon storage model, I have a concern about my modeling results, Why the data from the carbon stock results stored by LULC is different if I compare the value of add the direct results of the initial table of carbon values (four resource pools)? Have I done something wrong?

Thank you,

Jorge Gualdron


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Jorge -

    Really, all the Carbon model does is to map each of the carbon pools to the LULC and adds them up, so you should be getting the same values from a manual calculation. Just remember that the values in the carbon pool table are in Mg/hectare, and the model will do a calculation to translate pixel size into hectares, before translating those values into Mg/pixel. Are your values very different from the output of the model, or are they close? Could the area translation explain things?

    ~ Stacie

  • Hi Sraice,

    Thank you for your observation about the problem. Yes, I have already analyzed the values ​​so that the result of the raster is in hectares. However, I am doing an additional analysis and It is analyzing the raster result versus the LULC shape to see the total carbon content per LULC in the study area.

    Have you done It analysis before?

  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    No I haven't done that kind of comparison before. Is the LULC layer a shapefile or a raster? If it's a shapefile, then there will be a slight difference in area between the original polygon and the rasterized LULC map that us used by the model. But again, that should be a small difference, not a big one.

    ~ Stacie

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