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Using InVEST with Python

Sorry, I can't install Invest for batch operation in Python.


I've done, I think, everything in your guide

But what are, in point 3, the modules to download and install with pips to do a processing ndr?




I always have errors like this:


ImportError: No module named natcap.invest.ndr.ndr










  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Gabriele,

    The modules listed under point 3 (GDAL, Pyro4, pandas, etc) are the ones that you will need to have installed.  If you're on Windows, the easiest way to get these packages (especially for bigger dependencies like GDAL, PyQt) will be to download them from and use pip to install each downloaded file.

    Once you have all of those installed, you can do a `pip install natcap.invest` to get the latest release of InVEST.

    You might also try looking at the 'Installing InVEST' page on our API docs for more information on getting these set up on your computer:

    Hope this helps,
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