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InVEST 3.6.0 Released

jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
Dear colleagues,

We’re very excited to announce today’s release of InVEST
3.6.0!  Here’s the executive summary:

  • Download the latest
    version of InVEST here:
  • More models than ever
    before (about half of everything in InVEST) use Taskgraph for avoided
    recomputation and process-based parallelism.
  • Most InVEST models now
    take advantage of the latest improvements in pygeoprocessing and therefore
    run up to 30% faster.
  • Various bugfixes and

Folks using taskgraph for process-based parallelism will
note that the `n_workers` input has been moved to the InVEST settings dialog
(file à settings), and will default
to synchronous execution. 

Additionally, this release of InVEST includes a preview of
new routing functionality: RouteDEM now offers pitfilling and your choice of D8
or Multiple Flow Direction routing algorithms.  Pitfilling and these new
routing implementations will be used in InVEST’s routed models in the near

Take care,


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