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Water yield Error running

Hi I try to run water yield model but always error with this Log file:

705 x 547 - 124K


  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    This issue comes from your raster having pixels with a value of 128, but no landcover code 128 is defined in your biophysical table.  Oftentimes (especially for nice, power-of-2 numbers like 128), 128 *should* be defined as a nodata value in the raster, but isn't.  So to solve this issue, either:

    1. Add a row to your biophysical table applying to landcover code 128 OR
    2. Define a nodata value of 128 for your landcover raster (assuming that pixel value 128 is supposed to represent nodata).

    Hope this helps,
  • It's OK, Thank you very much
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