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Habitat quality: Model completed successfully but results make no sense

Hello out there!
I am currently working with the Habitat quality model, but I have a problem with the results. The log says, that the run was completed successfully, but the output raster datasets cannot be displayed and only have values from -3.40282e+38 to 3.40282e+38. Do you have an idea where the problem could be?

Thank you very much. I attached the log file.



  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    A common cause of this is when your threat rasters contain the pixel values nodata, 0 and 1, or sometimes just nodata and 1.  Could you make sure that all of your threat rasters *only* have pixel values of 0 or 1 and try re-running?

  • Hello James,
    I could solve the problem by taking a look at the intermediate files. On of them had the strange values I described and I am quite sure it was because I set the maximum distance for this threat to zero. I thought that would influence only the cells in contact with the threat cells in the threat raster because this threat only has an effect directly where it is located. But by changing the maximum distance to a very small value I could solve that issue.

    Thank you for your help nonetheless and I hope others may find this thread helpful!

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