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NDR parameters validation - nutrient load for the Atlantic Forest

Hello to all, 

I am running the Nutrient Delivery Model and I'm having some trouble finding information on  N and P loads and other parameters for the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.
I found some information on the literature, but I am not sure if those correspond to nutrient load. I was unable to draw a final conclusion  about it just from reading the manual.

Mostly, the literature presents the annual amount ( in kg ha-1 year-1) of N and/or P transferred to the soil by the
litter fractions. That was the information I thought most related to nutrient load (e.g. 
Slobodoba et al. 2017).
Additionally, I found information on Bulk N Deposition (kg ha-1 yr-1) (Ponette et al. 2017), as well as Gross Throughfall (GTR) Annual Flux (kg ha 1 a 1) of N (Forti 2007).

My question is: would it be correct to use any of these information as load_n/load_p parameters in the biophysical table of the NDR model?!

I thank you in advance,

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