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Value Error 'LULC' is not in list

Hello out there!
I am new to InVEST and tried to run the habitat quality model for the first time, but I think I got something wrong in my folder-structure or tables.

Whenever I try to run the model, it gives out the Error "ValueError: 'LULC' is not in list"

I found that I named the row with the lucodes in the sensitivity table "LULC-code", what was wrong because it has to be "LULC". But that did not solve the issue. I had the same problem before with the ValueError: 'THREAT' is not in list, but I could solve that problem by putting the Threat column in my Threat.csv table at the right place (third from the left)

Do you have an idea what I did wrong? I attached the log file, if that helps.

Thank you very much!


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Lisa -

    Does your sensitivity table have an "LULC" column, with values that match your LULC raster?

    ~ Stacie

  • Hey Stacie,
    yes, the first column is named 'LULC' and it has values ranging from 1 to 17 as well as my LULC raster. I included two screenshots from the LULC rasters attribute table and my sensitivity table.

  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Well, this sounds like it might be an issue with the way InVEST is handling the parsing of tables.  If this is still an issue, could you send your inputs to me at so I can take a look?

  • Hello James,
    thank you for your comment!
    I could solve the problem by saving the table again with "Save as..." --> ".csv". I do this now with every table before running a model instead of just pressing Ctrl+S after I made changes. This way I make sure that my computer really handles the file as .csv and not as .txt. 

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