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Crop Production Model

Hi There, I am new with the InVEST model but I am planning to use the model for my dissertation research. My research will focused on the Ecosystem Services generated from Urban Agriculture, and it will be a case study in Indonesia.

I am planning to use multiple InVEST model:
1. Annual Water Yield
2. SDR
3. NDR.
4. Crop Production
5. Recreation

However, I am still unsure about the crop production model, as which one should I use?
the crops in the study area are :
rice; maize; sugarcane; potato; vegetables (carrot, lettuce, broccoli); fruits (apple; orange) and commercial flower (rose).

Can anyone advised me which model should I use, the regression model or the percentile model? and is it possible to add new crops to the model?

Thank you for your time
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