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WaterYield Model related

Hello, I am a Water yield model user.
The result of the model is as below.
I will ask you this part.

In a similar pattern to the PAWC map, the result map is cut (staircase),
The problem is that when cutting the resulting map into local boundaries,i get null values at the boundaries.

I would like to explain why this spot is empty, or why it looks like it is cut like a staircase.

Thank you.
913 x 722 - 206K
682 x 627 - 121K


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi @ysunparc -

    The model can only create results for pixels where all of the input rasters have data. So, even if your land use and other inputs have data along the edge, if your PAWC raster does not have data there, then your result will be NoData in these pixels. This often happens if the raster has large cell sizes, and you clip the raster to a boundary. 

    The potentially easy way to fix this is to clip your PAWC layer larger than the watershed/area of interest (AOI) that you are running the model on - so apply a buffer to your AOI, reclip the PAWC with that buffered polygon and use that as input to the model. 

    ~ Stacie
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