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unexpected string in CSV file

Dear All,
Good day. I am trying to run Habitat risk assessment model using InVEST. Already prepared all the data. When I run the model its gives an error message saying unexpected string in CSV file. How to solve this problem. Please see the attachment. 

Please help me.

kind regards


  • Hello Sohel,

    In your ratings CSV file, I've noticed that you entered <(1)> instead of 1, <(3)> instead of 3, etc., for the criteria ratings. The model would only accept number so that's why it's saying 'unexpected string' in the file. Also if you were not planning to use a criteria, please enter 0 instead of <NA> for the rating column for that criteria. 

    Last but not least, for each habitat-stressor overlap pair, please allow a space between the stressor name and the 'OVERLAP' string. It should be, for example, baor/constructionsiteactivities OVERLAP, not baor/constructionsiteactivitiesOVERLAP. Please also give space for the headings too, such as HABITAT NAME, HABITAT ONLY PROPERTIES, and HABITAT STRESSOR OVERLAP PROPERTIES. 

    Let us know if you have any other questions!
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