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Habitat Degradation - negative value

Hi everyboy!
I runned habitat quality model and everything was ok but I have negative value in Habitat Degradation output..(from -1.9 to 0.2). I read the guideline and this is not possible beacause the value range is from 0 to 1, isn't it? Any idea how is it possible?
Thank you in advance :)


  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @edp, it's tough to say for sure without seeing your inputs, but a common cause for this sort of thing is to have nodata values in your various threat rasters.  Could you try making sure that your threat rasters have pixels with values of either 0 or 1 and let us know how it goes?

  • Hi @jdouglass, sorry for late reply. My threat rasters have been previously used in another work and the authors didn't have this kind of problems. I clipped the original datasets  (the entire state) on my interest region. So some nodata values are present in the 'buffer' around the region, the other values are 0 and 1. ( In HD Low value : -1.98062e+038). 

  • So you think I have to convert each nodata ("out" of the map) to 0? 

    Thank you for your availability!
  • Hi @jdouglass, I have an update! I attempted to convert any 'nodata' value into 0  in threat rasters but low value in HD output remains negative (Low : -1.98062e+038). So, there was no change. I sent my data to @RichI hope you could help me! 
    Meanwhile I'll try to run the model by a previous version of InVest.
  • Hi @jdouglass and @Rich! sorry for the continued mails but I would like to inform you that 3.2.0 InVest version runs well. So, no negative values occur in Habitat Degradation output map.

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