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Water yield model error: Kc temporary file empty


I am trying to run the Hydropower Water Yield model but I keep receiving the same error over and over and I can't find help in other posts.
I went to the temporary file folder and saw that the kc_raster seems to be empty. So I guess that might be the problem?
Can anyone help me understand what might be going wrong?

What I get is: " in _map_dataset_to_value_op ValueError: The following 1 raster values [ -3.39999995e+38] from "D:\RedeCLIMA\model_inputs\WaterYield\tmpdgmzol\clipped_lulc.tif" do not have corresponding entries in the `value_map`: {130L: 1L, 3L: 1L, 420L: 1L, 5L: 1L, 230L: 1L, 7L: 1L, 8L: 1L, 9L: 1L, 10L: 1L, 11L: 1L, 12L: 1L, 13L: 1L, 110L: 1L, 210L: 1L, 120L: 1L, 6L: 1L, 220L: 1L, 410L: 1L} "

My LULC raster does not have a value like -3.39999+38. Even the temporary clipped_lulc raster doesn't have this value (I looked at it in ArcGIS).

The error message and the Log file are both attached.
Thank you very much,



  • DaveDave Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Julia,

    Is it possible that the large negative number is the nodata value of your raster? Re-assigning the nodata values to an integer such as -99 (or converting your entire raster to an integer datatype) would help the model correctly identify the value as nodata, in which case it won't look for that value in your biophysical table. 

  • YES! That was exactly the problem. Thank you so much. 
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