UW Research Assistant/Data Scientist Position

Research Assistant/Data Scientist Position
Nature-based Recreation
University of Washington, Seattle

The UW EarthLab seeks a Temporary Research Assistant for studies of outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism.  The employee will be responsible for developing and maintaining software and scripted workflows that aggregate data on park use.  Data will be derived from various on-site counts as well as postings to social media platforms, and then processed and analyzed using programs written in R and python.  Analyses will evaluate how well various data sources measure the quantity and type of nature-based recreation.  Duties will also include literature review and data visualization.  The employee will contribute to reports summarizing methods and major findings, in order to demonstrate opportunities to improve decision-making and deepen the understanding of the recreational value of public lands.  The successful candidate will be a friendly, intelligent, self-directed individual who is passionate about working on collaborative projects for social good.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter describing your interests in the project at https://uwhires.admin.washington.edu/ENG/candidates/default.cfm?szCategory=jobprofile&jobhistory=1&szOrderID=161405

For more information, email Spencer Wood at spwood@uw.edu.


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