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SDR model, strange results

Hi, and I have Problems with my SDR model results. Sed_export has values between 1.79769e+308 and -1.79769e+308, and cannot even be visualized, in which way ever I Change my Parameters. USLE values are ok. Do you know, what could have been wrong? Cheers. Ingrid


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    If your USLE  values are ok, take a look at the stream.tif layer and see if streams are being created. I've seen that happen when streams aren't being created (due to too high of a threshold flow accumulation or DEM with lots of pits), and if there are no streams, the SDR calculation doesn't work, since it routes sediment until it reaches a stream. 

    ~ Stacie
  • Dear Stacie, yes, that is true. Used then the sink-filled DEM model, and it worked perfectly. Many thanks. Ingrid
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