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Interpretation of seasonal water flow model

I am not quite sure, how to interprete the results of the seasonal water flow model. Can I predict future hydrological drought and flood risks from the results? Cheers. Ingrid


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Ingrid -

    We have used the seasonal water yield model to show which places on the landscape are contributing to the reduction of flood risk downstream. To do this, we calculated flood risk reduction like this:

  • yes, thank you. I thought so, but not sure, if you finished your sentende. So, what I wanted to show was, that deforestation contributed to flood risks. I have then subtracted seasonal flows of scenarios from 1992 - high forest cover - from Scenarios 2016 - low forest cover, and found in some places the difference was positive, and thought these might be flood risk places, in other areas negative, and thought these might have dried. I understood These are the Areas which are affected, which go beyond the areas which contributed. Is that correct? Cheers. Ingrid 

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