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InVEST Habitat Risk Assessment Model

Hi, I was working with the sample data  for InVEST Habitat Risk Assessment model. However, I am facing an error in the final output even though I have input the correct data for data quality as well as the weight as per the sample data that has been provided in  ;

I am attaching a jpeg of the error as well as the log file. 

It will be great if someone can help me out. Cheers :-) 


  • Hi there, 

    Thanks for posting to the forum.  Are any of your stressors spatially explicit?  If so, I would start by double checking the shapefiles to ensure they have Data Quality and Weight attribute/column.  Regardless of whether you're using spatially explicit, I also suggest you go back to the criteria CSVs to double check that there's ratings for every data quality and weight.  If that doesn't solve your problem, I'd be happy to look at your inputs.  

    As an aside, I might suggest you increase the grid size while you're working through getting the model to run.  This will help the model run faster. Once everything is running smoothly, you can decrease the grid size back down. 


  • Hi , 

    Thanks for the prompt response. The criteria csv's does have the ratings for every data quality and weight. However, I will just check the shapefiles because I did not look into that. 

    If the error still persist, I will get back to you, 

    Thanks a lot for the help. 


  • Hi again, 

    I have rechecked the criteria's csv( for non spatial stressors) and ran the programme using a larger grid size as suggested. However, I have a few query. Firstly, even though the model run was successful, there were error messages that showed up in the log file and I am attaching a log file for your reference. 

    Secondly, I am attaching the  output files in a  jpeg just so as to crosscheck. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 
    Thanks again 
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