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Fisheries model

Hi everyone, I downloaded the latest version of the fisheries model but there isn't the 4 population species models in  the library e.g spiny lobster to explore. Can anyone tell me why and where to see these models please?


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi, I would expect those data to be in your C:\InVEST_3_5_0\invest\data\Fisheries folder. If it's not there you can pick them up from here:

    I'm not an expert, nor even a user, of this model myself. But I see a directory in there called "lobster" which I suspect is "spiny lobster". I'll see if I can get someone to respond to this with more information.
  • Hi Rich, Thank you for your response.  What I needed is the actual species based models e.g for the spiny lobster, so can use with its sample data.
  • Hi there, 

    Once you download InVEST, there should be a menu of model options, each with an icon (starting with the carbon model).  The fisheries model is towards the very end of this list and is nested within a folder called "fisheries."  The reason it's in a folder (and subsequently without an icon) is that there is two parts of the model.  Did these suite of models download with InVEST for you?  If not, I suggest trying to re-download InVEST.  I hope this helps solve your issue and please let me know if it doesn't.  


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