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Hi there:

I'm overlaying 27 layers representing different fisheries using an intra activity coefficient. Each layer has this field in the table (field "Friccion", with values ranging from 0 to 1). When running the model a message appears: "Failed to compute statistics, no valid pixels found in sampling". The intermediate folder contains all the layers converted to rasters (weighted, fig 2), aparently ok; but the others are all black (fig 1).
The strange thing is that I ran the model with a diferent layers set and it works well (11 layers), using the same area of interest. What can I check (again) to find the error? Some layers have a value = 0, can that be a problem?
The overlap function with no intra/inter activity perform well, and also with inter-activity alone (for both data sets and area_of_interest).
As all layers are fisheries I can convert the "Friccion" field values to a csv list and do the same exercise, like an "inter-activity", is that true ?

Log is attached

Thanks !
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