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error 10060 Recreation

Dear InVEST developers,
I would like to use the Recreation model for a small area in Italy with the latest version of InVEST 3.5.0  but every time I run the model I have the same error "CommunicationError: cannot connect: [Errno 10060] Impossibile stabilire la connessione. Risposta non corretta della parte connessa dopo l'intervallo di tempo oppure mancata risposta dall'host collegato".
Any idea to solve the problem? 
I tried to increase the resolution of the output and to disable the windows firewall without success.



  • DaveDave Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Silvia,

    Thanks for posting. There have been some other instances of this error reported, and it does seem to come down to your local network connection. Disabling your firewall was a good idea. I confirmed that our server is up and running. You might try running the model from a different network/location if possible. Sorry that we don't have a solution on our end for you.

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