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Valuation issues testing Coastal Blue Carbon with sample data

swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
Hi all -

I'm learning how to use Coastal Blue Carbon (version 3.5.0), starting with the sample data, ran into a couple of snags in the valuation section, and figured I'd post about them in case others run into them too.

The field names in the Price Table are case sensitive. The sample data has field names "Price" and "Year" but the model gives an error that it can't find the fields "price" and "year." So I changed the field names to all lower case and that error went away.

But then I got another error, saying that I needed to supply Price and Interest Rate, even though I had checked the Use Price Table box and supplied a Price Table CSV and the Price and Interest Rate fields were greyed out. So I unchecked Use Price Table, filled in random values for Price and Interest Rate, checked Use Price Table again, and it ran fine. Hopefully it actually used the Price Table and not the random Price/Interest Rate values.

~ Stacie
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