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negative values in demand table to simulate input water to system

tetidetetide Member
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I want to simulate a input points of water to the sistem running water yield-water scarcity model. I've tried to modify some demand value in the demand table, changing the sign, from positive values to negatives. The model seams to run correctly, al least did't get out any error hehe

What I want to simulate is the input from waste-water treatment plants, as a single pixel value from each point converted as a lulc class.

Do you think as a good way? also, I wanna ask you to where is the better place to put this pixel, in the main stream of the river or close to it?

Thanks a lot!
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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi @tetide -

    If the waste water treatment plants discharge right into the river, I would simply add their discharge volume to the result that you get from the water yield model, since it does not do any in-stream processing.

    ~ Stacie
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