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Index error

hamayunhamayun Member
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Hello inVEST team
I am using habitat quality model but i am getting an error name " IndexError: index
6 is out of bounds for axis 1 with size 6 "
Kindly tell me how can i solve this error?

Hamayun Chaudhary
Research Associate
GC University,Lahore
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  • What does this error means??

  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    It's a cryptic error!  Could you send your inputs to so I can take a look?
  • I have emailed you the inputs for this model,
    Thanks #jdouglass for your response
  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Thanks!  As I mentioned over email, the LULC raster needs to have a defined nodata value for the Habitat Quality model to run as expected.

    That being said, the error raised should be more readable, which we'll fix in an upcoming version of InVEST.
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