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IndexError encountered: list index out of range

Hey NatCap! 

To help me prepare to run the coastal blue carbon model in Victoria, Australia for my honours paper at Deakin University.  I am currently running the Tijuana dataset that is known to work through the model to help me  with troubleshooting. When trying to run the LULC through the preprocessor I'm getting this IndexError. Log file, preprocessor log messages (appeared to be different to the output log file) are attached with a snip of the LULC csv I'm using.

Can someone please help?


  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @jasparasad, while the tool shouldn't be crashing (we'll fix that :) ) the intent of the preprocessor is to help you identify the various LULC transitions that happen between the baseline LULC and the various snapshot rasters.  The model is crashing because there aren't any transition rasters to compare against!  If you truly don't have any transition rasters, you should be able to just run the CBC model on your baseline raster and not worry about the transitions at all.
  • Hi jdouglass, I see, I added the rasters and it worked thank you! I'm now working on the 2 rasters of my own model and LULC table. Keen to take the next step. Thanks for getting back to me :)
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