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The error of coastal vulnerability

When i use the coastal vulnerability model,the error is "No exposed shoreline segments found. This could be from a too-high depth threshold or a too-low exposure proportion"

Does some one can explain the meaning of no exposed shorline segments? depth threshold =0 and exposure proportion=0.8.

So what should i do


  • Hi there! 

    To start to problem solve this, can you take a look at your shoreline shapefile and check the projection?  It should be in a projected coordinate system.  

    - Katherine 
  • Thanks very much!And the model succeed.

    And i want to ask where i can download global geomorphology data.
  • Unfortunately, I don't know of global geomorphology data so you're better off searching for your specific location.  In places we haven't been able to find existing data, we've had decent luck at digitizing aerial imagery and then ground-truthing it with local experts.  
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