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NDR inputs (rasters and biophysical table)

andreapardandreapard Member
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Hello, I'm using the NDR model for my research project and I was wondering this.

Does different spatial resolutions in my input rasters (LULC, DEM) affect in some way the results of the model? In this case, my LULC has a 10x10m resolution and my DEM 12m. Is it advisable to adjust the resolutions before I import them to the model?

Another question I have is about the load_n parameters, these are mesured in kg/ha/yr in the biophysical table. Should I convert these values to my raster cell size or the model can do that? 
Looking forward for your reply.

Thank you!

- Andrea
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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Andrea -

    For NDR, the model will resample all of your spatial inputs so that their resolution matches the resolution of the DEM, and the output rasters will also have the resolution of the DEM.  I would advise adjusting the resolutions yourself before putting them into the model, so that you can look at the result and make sure that they look good to use.

    For load_n, you give values in kg/ha/year, the model will do any necessary conversions based on cell size.

    ~ Stacie
  • Thanks a lot!
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