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Seasonal water yield model

JamesJames Member
I have found for my soil group raster C and D values. There are no values for A and B. Do I add A and B fields to the raster ? 

The model in running though is very slow.

The seasonal water yield table has Curve numbers for A and B do I set these values to 1 ?




  • JamesJames Member
    Anybody ?
  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi James -

    Are there only pixels with C and D values in your soil groups raster, none with A/B? If so, then it shouldn't matter what you give for the A and B fields in the table (although the value must be > 0), so you can set those values to 1 and it shouldn't affect the results. 

    If you do have pixels in the soil group raster with A/B values, but you cannot find values for them to go into the table, that's a different issue. To get good results from the model you will need to provide the best values that you can find for A/B in the table.

    ~ Stacie
  • JamesJames Member

    Thank you.


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