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data spatialization

Good afternoon!

I am a new user of ArcGis and Invest, I am with my rain data in a spreadsheet, could someone explain the steps to specialize these values?

I'm working with the water production model.

Thank you very much in advance.


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi @MARIANER -

    Are you using the Water Yield (annual) model, or Seasonal Water Yield model? 

    And when you say that you have rain data, is this precipitation data for different points on the landscape, like from weather stations? Are you trying to create the Precipitation input(s) to the model? Or the number of rain events (used by the Seasonal model)? 

    If the Precipitation inputs, then you will bring your rain data into a GIS as points, then use an interpolation method to create the raster input(s) that the model requires. There are different interpolation methods, and you will need to try different ones to see which one produces a map that makes the most sense for your area. Or you could do some research to see if there's a particular method that other people use there. Also note that if you have a place that is very mountainous, a simple interpolation may not represent the real rainfall patterns accurately, especially if you have a small number of rain points to work with.

    ~ Stacie
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