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Scenario generator - multiple factors for increased land cover

I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've got the Scenario generator tool working fine, however I recently added some more factors and I'm not sure if its taken these into account. Can you have multiple factors for one land cover change? For instance in my example land cover 7 (improved grassland) is increasing and is more likely to occur where there is a low slope, lower average temperature and in mid-range agricultural land (see table below). When the model has finished running and I look in the intermediate folder, I don't see any raster layers for slope or agricultural class (AGL). I've tried altering the weight and this hasn't affected anything. 


  • LucyLucy Member
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    id Cover ID Factorname Layer Wt Suitfield Dist Cover
    12 12 Rainslope Rain_Slope_Increase.shp 5 suitfield
    12 12 Tempslope Temp_Slope_Increase.shp 5 suitfield
    7 7 AGL AGL_Suitability.shp 5 suitfield
    2 2 Slope Slope_Suitability.shp 5 SLdecrease
    7 7 Slope Slope_Suitability.shp 5 SLdecrease
    7 7 TempAverage Temperature_Average_Dorset_Suit.shp 5 suitdec
    2 2 Fertility Fertility_suitability_dis.shp 5 suitfield
    2 2 TempAverage Temperature_Average_Dorset_Suit.shp 5 suitdec
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  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @Lucy, sorry for the delay on this.  Could you send your inputs and logfile to so I can take a look?
  • LucyLucy Member

    No problem. That would be great, thank you. I will send this across now.

    Many thanks,


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