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    After running water yield model successfully , I checked the map of estimated water yield per pixel . The water yield in urban area was very high.Though this pixel-scale map are not recommended to use ,I 'm curious about how to explain this and whether this would have impacts on the values of subwatershed-scale map.

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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi @Char -

    Water yield is often high in urban areas with the Annual Water Yield model because water runs right off of the impervious surfaces, and less is lost to evapotranspiration than in a more vegetated area. If you look at your LULC biophysical coefficients, you should find that they do a lot to explain the difference between urban and other areas.

    These models were made primarily for non-urban landscapes, so if you're working in a primarily urban area, you should probably look at a different model that is tailored to them. In particular, hydrology is so much different when it's more about engineered storm systems than rivers. NatCap is working on a suite of urban models, they're not ready yet, but they will be able to speak much more specifically to urban ecosystem services.

    ~ Stacie
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    Hi, Stacie

    Thank you for being so patient and best regards~

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