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not getting a "conf" output raster when running carbon model with uncertainty

edited December 2013 in Terrestrial Models
Hi all,
I just ran carbon with the uncertainty option on the sample data. I did not turn on the REDD or valuation options. I got the total carbon raster, but not the confidence raster that should show regions above the confidence threshold. The html output does report the standard dev. Any thoughts as to why I'm not getting the conf raster in the output folder?


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Nirmal, did you turn on the sequestration calculation? The confidence threshold only highlights places where the certainty in the change in carbon stock either positive or negative exceeds the confidence interval. If you only run it on a current scenario there won't be any uncertainty output.
  • Hi Rich,
    You're right, I didn't turn on sequestration - I thought the confidence raster showed areas of high vs low confidence on the current carbon output. Will try again. Thanks!
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