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DelineateIT problem

I have a DEM of 30 m from my study area, but running DelineateIT generates a very small basin that is not related to my comparison shapefile.
I was testing values of Threshold flow accumulation and Pixel Distance to Snap Outlet Points but I did not get different results.
Please help me by trying the data.

Attachments >>
Cuenca_1.shp> Basin of comparison, expected output
DEM_30m.tif> DEM
outlets.shp> Outlet Points

Thank you,


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Jorge, I think the problem might be a hydrological pit on that river stream. I've attached a zoomed in version of the watershed that RouteDEM calculated and local hydrological pits colored magenta. I think the routing module is treating that area circled in red as a source and it's colliding with the other area coming from downstream.

    Can you run this DEM through a pitfilling routine first and try it again?  I've used the Wang&Liu algorithm in SAGA-GIS.
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