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Different values of outputs in Carbon Model

mirayosmirayos Member
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I ran the Carbon sequestration model under 2 scenarios. In Scenario 1, the current carbon total is 7341281.50, while in Scenario 2 it is slightly different: 7341158.00. The current land use map that was used in Scenario 1 was the same as in Scenario 2. The attribute table was also the same. I attached all of the files I used to run the model, including the outputs.

Please help. Thank you.

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  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @mirayos, thanks for including your inputs!  It's true that your current land use rasters are the same, but there's a small difference in the pixel sizes of the future carbon scenario rasters.  Specifically, LULC_f2.rst has pixels with non-square dimensions that don't match up with the dimensions of the current lulc raster.

    This pixel size is important, because *all* output rasters from the model are resampled to the smallest pixel size in the input stack.  This requires a little resampling of the LULC rasters, and you can see that the pixel dimensions of the two tot_c_cur.tif rasters are slightly mismatched as a result of the operation.  Correcting this issue should just be a matter of making sure that all current and future scenario rasters have precisely the same pixel sizes and dimensions.

    Hope this helps!
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