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running InVEST in WIN 10

Hello, I now run WIN 10 and InVEST shows a warning on start up - that it has not been tested in WIN 10. IT at work tried to run it in compatible mode with WIN 8 or 7 but did not succeeded.  (I downloaded the new version 3.4.2 today).
A few questions - do you know if running it in WIN 10 may result in errors etc. or is it ok, despite the warming
Or is there a version compatible with WIN 10 coming soon?
or is it better to ask to downgrade my op system to be on the safe side?


  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @Lucie, we haven't yet experienced issues with InVEST on Windows 10, and a number of us use it on a regular basis.  The warning is generated by the UI library we use rather than the modelling core, so there shouldn't (hopefully) be any unexpected OS-related errors from running it on Windows 10.  It's worth noting that we are in the middle of an overhaul that will include taking care of this error message, so it should go away in the near future!

    Hope this helps.

  • I just installed invest 3.5.0 and get this same message (untested windows version 10 detected). Invest does not start at all, just shows that error message and shuts down. Any suggestions?
  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @msevenster, Usually when InVEST crashes on startup like this, it's because there was an error on launch that caused the command window to close.  Could you try the steps below to determine what the error message was and post back here with the error?

    1. Open your start menu and launch cmd.exe
    2. Within the CMD window, type:

            C:\InVEST_3.5.0_x86\invest-3-x86\invest.exe carbon

    When this crashes, we should see an error message printed to the command prompt.  This error message will help us pinpoint what's going wrong with the application startup.

  • Thanks @jdouglass  I did go through these moves, screenshot attached. Invest didn't actually crash when started like this, but did give an error message that may be useful?
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  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    The errors/warnings shown in the screenshot are expected, but I'm still curious why InVEST wasn't launching for you.  Which model were you trying to run when it crashed?
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